Saturday, April 12, 2014

Artist Model Research - Eileen Cowan

I've beginning to look into other ideas and explore other artist models as I need to develop my folio further. The artist models I've started to look at are Eileen Cowan.

I've started to look at Eileen Cowan, who uses close ups of human features with lots of negative space and very little negative space to show the contrast between light and dark. I've decided that I want to explore my ideas further with this because I think it works well with the mood of my concept.

I've taken some photos so far with lots of negative and dark space. I really like the creepyness of these photos and I think they work really well. In my next shoot I'm going to take similar photos again, but with closeups of the arms and hands, and possibly use Logan's face aswell. The closeups will show more positive space with more light and shadow effects.

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