Monday, March 31, 2014

Plan for Panel 1

This is my plan so far for panel 1 of my folio. I've decided to develop the technique of sequences and use Duane Michals as a strong artist model. I've used these first shots to show the anger and frustration, and I'm going to develop this further with the sequencing technique. 
I also decided that I didn't want to use black and white as thoughout all photos on my folio as I personally find it boring and unappealing, so after talking to Mrs Clemence I have decided to use sepia and instagram style filters and possibly ending up in full color by the end of the folio. This isn't my final decision on this as I dont want my photos to look childish and tacky, so I'm still deciding on this one. 

My next shots I want to take will be close ups on Logans face and head, with him shaking his hair around and looking angry, I'm thinking of possibly using tears in this picture. I'm going to try with shutter speed and play around with the focus most likely in the dark room. I want to develop these shots and have four-six photos cover across the middle-bottom of panel 1. 

Im unsure of what I want to put in the gap between these photos and the previous photos i've taken, but I'm sure after taking,  editing and putting the next shot on my first panel, then I will have some inspiration of what to put there. 

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