Thursday, June 5, 2014

Artist Model Drawing Task

 Focal Point
 - In these photos an my drawings the focal point is the move moving the rocks, because there is a white boarder, it draws the eye to the image. Also the pyramids along the back draw the eye to the middle of the photo
Eye Level View
- The eye level view is perfect because it shows everything that is necessary in the photo. If it was from a birds eye view, the focus would be taken away from the man and put on the pyramids because it is the biggest part of the picture. 
 Landscape Format
- Allows the Pyramids to be seen in the photos. If the photo was portrait it would make the background smaller, and less a part of the picture. Which would make the concept irrelevant.
- The photo is quite symmetrical not in the way that its the same on both sides, but in the way that the subject matter is very evenly placed, apart from the man.
 Rule of thirds 
 - The landscape of the Pyramids is along the line of the rule of thirds, so it does apply here.


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