Sunday, March 9, 2014

Artist Models

This last few weeks I have been beginning to look at artist models from the NZQA page, I have found a few that I am interested in and have been researching these photographers. I think i will narrow these down when i start to take photos and work out what my concept actually is.
For my concept itself, i've been looking a lot into street photography, which shows something like a basic day in the life, or show a story of a person in an urban setting. I have also been looking and personal identity and life and death.

A NZ photographer i've looked at so far is Julian Ward. Julian Ward is a street photographer that uses the setting around her to show 'everyday' people in an everyday setting of Wellington. She uses black and white and high contrast to make the photos look grim and personal. She has been 'roaming with her camera' since the 1970's and has wrote on her website that she found it easier back then as there was more freedom for photographers and that you could take pictures or almost anything.

Some of her photographs, sourced from her blog and website, full credit to: Julian Ward.

Duane Michals is an american photographer who uses sequences and the passing of time by using double exposure and slow shutter speed, which is something that I am very interested in learning and using in my photography. He uses black and white in his photos.

Some of his photographs sourced from here and here. Full credit to Duane Michals.


duane michals

Some of the other photographers i've been looking at are: Sally Mann, Anne Nobles, Robin Morrison, Ann Shelton and Rineke Dijkstra. I will research them further over the next few weeks.

I have started taking photos and experimenting with sequences, and getting the hang of photoshop, as i only really used the basics of it last year. I will have another post up during the week with those photos once they have been edited.

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