Sunday, February 23, 2014

Research: Cinematography

Cinematography is the art of camerawork, moving picture and photography in filmmaking. A cinematographer is the directer of photography and film. This role is used to make movies, documentrys, tv programmes etc.

The main cinematographer or sometimes called the director of photography, works with the film's direction to capture the story in a way that will captivate the movie audience and make people want to watch the movie. Cinematographer will work with the director decide which lighting, camera angles and other film techniques to use that will portray the right effect in which the movie viewers will be interested and also, they choose which of these techniques match the mood of the scene or film.  

Conrad L. Hall has been a cinematographer for many movies including American Beauty 1999 and Road to Perdition 2002. He has won many awards such as an Academy Award for Best Cinematography and has been recognised as one of the only known cinematographers around.

He has been the director of film for the following movies:


American Beauty 1999

File:A Civil Action poster.jpg

A Civil Action 1998

Road to Perdition 2002

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