Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Research: Implied Human Presence

Implied human present is a photo where you can tell that someone has been in the photo, whether the person has made a mess, or made a track or made there mark on something, but there is actually no human in the picture.

Andy Goldsworthy is a sculpture, artist, photographer. He uses nature and the raw materials around him to create sculptures by arranging leaves, ice, rocks, flowers and grass. He uses shapes such as circles. As his work is made of all natural materials, they will deconstruct and over time be destroyed, so he uses photography to keep a record of his works. He also uses bright coloured leaves prominently to capture the eye and the circle shape lures you into his work. He also uses and ombre effect where the outside of the shape is darker.

Some examples of his work is:

Richard Long is an English sculpture, artist and photographer and is one of Britain's best known 'land artist.' He has had many exhibitions that have been seen all around Europe, USA and Asia. Long uses splashes of paint,mud and stone to create his artworks, and uses hes hands and fingers to create texture and movement in the paint or mud. Along with Goldsworthy he often uses circles to make the sculpture look more clean-cut, even tho he works with mess and makes mess doing his work. He uses nature and places rocks, stone, tree cuttings etc in his work. Also Long uses rectangular shaped and swirls. I think that with the sculptures the finger strokes he uses in his sculptures and painting give a presence as they can look like finger prints or trails of someone. He makes his artworks seem like tracks that someone has walked on.

Some examples of his work:

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