Sunday, February 16, 2014

Research: Urban Environment

Urban Environment

For me urban environment photography is the same as street photography. This is when photos are taken on the streets, of ordinary people and places. The photos show how a human is interacting with the environment for example, walking the streets, waiting for the bus, putting rubbish in the bin. Street photography captures a moment, it captures people in there everyday self. Black and white seems a popular choice in the photography, I personally think this is so because it gives a sense of rawness and coldness. Graffiti and wall art is used widely in street photography, as it is always around us.
This can also have no human presence at all, it could just be building, streets, shops by itself.. this can link in with implied human presence also.

I came across Eric Kim who is a street photographer based in LA, he uses his passion for photography to help others with videos and tips to help street photographers with technique and also shows lists of photographers that he looks up to and has learnt from.

Some of his work :

Raghu Rai is a photojournalist and street photographer. He captures indian culture and uses journalism to capture events. He was co-owned Magnum Photos as a young photojournalist, and is a very rare photographer as he has always used his own culture of being indian in his work.

Some of his work: 

Brandon Stanton is a photographer and blogger. Stantons blog is called 'Humans of New York' and is shortened to HONY. His blog and photos are of normal New York citizens in their everyday life, but below the photo he adds a little snippet of that persons story or the conversation he had with the stranger. He uses social media such as Facebook and Tumblr to promote his blog. I find it interesting how Stanton uses normal people but finds out a little bit about them, for example: what they fear? or he would ask questions about their clothing, or objects they were carrying, or even just a small snippet of their life story. The blogger has gone on a step further from his blog and created a book called 'Humans of New York.'

Some of his work:


  1. This one definitely looks to be the one you have spent the most time on and have the most interest in. Is there something about that? Do you want to develop a concept that involves your urban environment as opposed to something totally staged like last year?

  2. where did you get to yesterday? do you feel like you could go out of grounds and try out a few shots, playing with blurred movement? or just eye level? if you do, you need to sign out through the office so we know where you are!

  3. i've been looking at artist models, and exemplars. i shall start that next week with a model maybe! :)

  4. Danielle I am really impressed by what you have done here. Keep up the good work