Monday, June 16, 2014

Walead Beshty - Research

Walead Beshty is an London born photographer but is based in Los Angeles.
Beshty earned a Bachelor of Arts from Bard College, then went on to get a Master of Fine Arts at Yale. His first solo exhibition was in New York in 2004 which was successful.
I am looking at his work, ''The Phenomenogy of Shopping and Dead Malls'' which is situated at Contemporary Art Centre, Long Island City, NY. 
I really like how these are so weird and unusual and I think the concept of putting the body in awkward situations kind of fits in with the rest of my work. I want to try this with Logan but put him under the blanket, to still keep the dark theme coming through. I tried to take some like on my latest post, but I didn't like the look if them, so I am going to try it again using different lighting and in a different setting. 

the phenomenology of shopping 13 works by walead beshty

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  1. So now on a print or off these photos, draw over them and notate how those elements and principles are visible. You could color code it like you would wroth a précis map in geography. Then plan your own ideas or on paper too.