Monday, May 5, 2014

Artist Model Research - Duane Michals

Duane Michals is an American photographer, who uses slow shutter speed and sequences to show philosophy and emotion. He also uses series and multi-exposure in an innovative form. Michals began his work in the 60's where he was inspired by photojournalism and wanted to communicate and show narratives in photo form. He did this by using 'frame by frame' layout, also in a grid format. Michals uses text throughout his images to title a piece of work or the person in it and to push a statement across to the viewer.
Michals work has been exhibited in many exhibitions in the last 50 years, including The Museum of Modern Art-New York, Odakyu Museum-Tokyo, International Center of Photography-New York, Thessaloniki Museum of Photography-Greece.

In this picture below Michals uses the grid, frame by frame format to position the photos. He uses text to Title the photo with the models name and the year in which the photo was taken. He uses black and white to show the strong contrats between the colours. this also shows alot of positive space, with the background, his hair, and skin being lighter than the rest of the photo. Making these areas of the photos really light makes the darkness in his eyes and mouth really stand out. Also his photos are very symmetrical and even, where the object or person is placed in the same place in all three photos, but still manages to show movement.


I have used his techniques of slowing down shutter speed and creating movement in a still photograph. By my strong use of positive space, show similarities in my work and the techniques of Michals. I've decided to not use black and white in my photography as I dont like the look of it. 

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