Monday, March 17, 2014

New Photos + New Concept

I was talking with Mrs Clemence and we came up with the concept of depression and anxiety shown through pictures. So i'm thinking of using a model in a crowd of people and showing how they are feeling lonely, and maybe by the end of my folio having the model overcome their anxiety and fears. Im thinking maybe starting with black and white then moving to full bright colours by the end of the folio, which would symbolize overcoming the depression and anxiety. I still want to use sequences and street photography in with this concept.

I edited these to make Logan look dirty and high contrast.

What I have so far :

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  1. These are good! I just spent a moment looking for the artists name, then read what you wrote! Whoops, they are yours :) well done. Duane Michals is an excellent choice too. Well done for finding that artist model on your own. I'm very impressed. did you do some drawings in relation to planning those shots? If so, post them, if not, or as well as, look at the ones of Logan so far and think about these in relation to Michals and spend some time planning your next shoot. These could/should be elaborated upon.